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Selecting Industrial Guard Rail

Executive summary

What do people think when they hear the term guard rail? Is it something on an elevated platform that prevents people from falling? Is it that low-profile metal strip that runs along the freeway? Or maybe nothing significant comes to mind? Unfortunately, the latter is often the case, especially when talking about guard rail in an industrial setting. Guard rail is one of those components in a facility that typically is not top of mind with companies, until it’s too late. Soft federal guidelines for guard rail use have helped contribute to its low awareness within facilities, and have placed the on us for use on individual companies to implement. When used properly, guard rail can effectively protect equipment, assets and personnel in and around a facility. The key is to identify areas in need of guard rail, correctly specify it for the application, and take action. The purpose of this white paper is to establish the need for guard rail, show the differences in materials, testing and ratings for guard rail, and to demonstrate how Wildeck’s multiple guard rail offerings can provide the right level of protection while protecting your budget.