MODEX 2020

We're sorry that we missed you at MODEX 2020 – but, just because we withdrew from the show, it doesn't mean that we aren't able to help you accomplish your facility goals. Take a look below for a brief glimpse at the products we wanted you to see.

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"Finding and Utilizing your Space"

It isn't always necessary to acquire new land or break ground on new construction in the event of a facility expansion. Give us a call so that we can walk you through key talking points of our (canceled) Modex presentation, "Finding and Utilizing Your Space." We will help you identify ways to help you work smarter, not harder, by unlocking the power of your existing space.

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Product Showcase

Mezzanines for Automation Support

With a Wildeck mezzanine you’ll gain valuable working, office, storage, or manufacturing areas at lower than new construction costs. In fact, more facility managers rely on Wildeck products to put their space to work fast with minimal interruption and maximum results. From the backroom to manufacturing, to the largest warehouse and distribution center; Wildeck can increase the capacity, efficiency, and safety of your operations.


XpressLift™ Automated VRC

Wildeck’s innovative XpressLift™ VRC is designed to efficiently integrate vertical lifting into automated conveyor systems. When combined with your conveyor system, the XpressLift™ can help you achieve increased process efficiency through the automated vertical transfer of materials between your various conveyor levels.


Wilgard® Impact Barriers

Our protective barriers are carefully designed to be rugged, reliable, safe and longer lasting than competitive products to ensure that you receive a higher return for your investment. The value isn’t always in the price today, but in your total cost of ownership over time.

You can depend on the material handling professionals at Wildeck to design in value and long-term cost efficiency from the start. It's our promise to you.

Pallet Drop Zone Gate

When one side of the Pallet Drop Zone (DZ) Gate is raised, the other closes, keeping your elevated ledge protected at all times. In contrast to similar double-sided gate designs, the DZ gate utilizes more than one pivot point on the pivoting arms. This results in vertical articulating movement that extends the swing radius of the gate arms, maximizing vertical and horizontal clearance for pallet loads. The Pallet Drop Zone Gate can be installed directly onto rack structures, or by itself as a freestanding unit bolted to the deck. All DZ gate dimensions can be custom designed, providing flexibility to fit within work areas where space is limited.


EdgeGard™ Dock Gates

EdgeGard™ Dock Gates from Wildeck are durable, reliable and safe. They are easy to install and operate, and provide an effective barrier for personnel and equipment working near open dock doors, truck loading pits or other hazardous areas.


Finger Gate for Safe Pallet Access

Wildeck’s Finger Gate provides a protective barrier at elevated work levels. It can be designed around existing layouts and dropped directly into your CAD files. Wildeck can also integrate protective railing to cover the area between the fingers (displayed left), accommodating your walkways between rollers. Both the rack-mounted and the freestanding Finger Gate systems are equipped with spring-loaded hinges, which self-close as palletized materials pass through. These springs have been tested to run over 20,000 cycles without failure.

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