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Seismic Mezzanine Solutions

MC Series™ Mezzanine Framing

Seismic conditions specific to your geographic location will not prevent you from integrating a mezzanine into your operations.

Moment connections provide a rigid connection at the column. This prevents rotation, and subsequently reduces overturn at the base of the column. By utilizing a moment connection, the size of base plate can be reduced and possibly eliminate the need for footings.

Find Your Space: Use Wildeck® mezzanines to fully utilize existing overhead space, regardless of your geographic location.



About seismic Wildeck mezzanines

Wildeck engineers are structural design specialists with industry and application experience that's second-to-none. Wildeck mezzanines:

  • Adhere to stringent industry standards.
  • Meet specified national, state, and local codes.
  • Provide the most cost-effective structure.
  • Are designed to meet your size, load and span requirements.



Designed to meet seismic requirements

  • Structural grade, zinc plated steel bolts combine with heavy duty steel plates to align the framing for uniform installation. These integrated components lock the connection into a solid unit for maximum strength.
  • Heavy duty columns provide strength and loading capacity.
  • Completely fabricated steel components require no field drilling, cutting or welding.
  • To aid installation, component parts are piece marked with cross references to an installation manual complete with drawings.
  • Each mezzanine is warranted for workmanship and material by Wildeck.

We are very pleased with Wildeck’s quality safety products and the outstanding customer service we have received. We would definitely purchase from them again.

- Ronald Vincze
Quality Manager, Precision Gears, Inc.

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