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D.A.S.H. into the Digital Age with the SmartControl™ System for Hydraulic VRCs

Wildeck’s SmartControl™ system for hydraulically-operated lifts is a major advancement in control technology for Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors.

Older controls had “relay logic” that stopped the VRC on an error without signaling the cause of the problem. Users were left wondering, “Did the VRC stop because it was loaded with too much weight? Did it run out of hydraulic oil, or did someone push the E-Stop button?”

With SmartControl™, users are immediately informed that a fault has occurred, and the specific cause of the fault, by an audible alarm that has an adjustable volume control. Five short, four long, and continuous tones are annunciated for different errors that are described on easy-to-read placards provided at each station, and at the main control panel. Pressing the “call” button when the unit has faulted will repeat the applicable error tone.

VRC Fault history is conveniently saved in the SmartControl™ Allen-Bradley PLC’s memory.  Error messaging can easily be accessed on a digital panel inside the control cabinet for quick diagnosis by a qualified technician or electrician. Knowing the last two or three VRC faults provides a clear picture for correcting a root problem.

The highly accurate SmartControl™ controller utilizes a long-life and robust digital pressure transducer that replaces the older mechanical pressure switch that other lift manufacturers use. No more mechanical components to wear, drift, or get damaged.

The SmartControl™ system will also save your lift equipment by faulting out if the hydraulic oil pump motor is started too often, runs too long, or does not build up the required pressure due to a no-oil condition.

The SmartControl’s intelligent PLC also includes Wildeck’s patented AutoSenz® anti-jam feature (U.S. Patent No. 7,408,317) for hydraulic VRCs that protects the lift and its cargo should a jam or overload condition occur.

SmartControl™ placard available at each lift station describes ten potential fault conditions that are annunciated via the system’s audible alarm.

Wildeck’s advanced SmartControl™ system provides the best overall value and ease of operator use for your VRC investment. Contact a Wildeck sales representative today to discuss a smarter solution for your material lifting needs.


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