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Rolling Slide Gate

The space-efficient operation of Wildeck’s Rolling Slide Gate makes it an ideal gate for pick module operations and mezzanine/deck surfaces.

Built into new or existing railing systems, the Rolling Slide Gate parallels the guard rail plane, occupying a minimal amount of floor space. In addition to maximizing the potential of the horizontal plane, this pick module or mezzanine accessory operates well in environments where overhead space is limited.

Personnel can work with peace-of-mind as they stand safely behind the gate and guard rail for the duration of the sliding motion. Wildeck’s Rolling Slide Gate rides on silent, polyurethane wheels and securely latches when closed, providing smooth and safe operation for accessing palletized loads.

Wildeck® Rolling Slide Gate (SL-GS5)


Wildeck’s Rolling Slide Gate is designed in compliance with IBC, OSHA and CAL/OSHA requirements, contributing to a safer, more efficient work environment in fulfillment operations.

  • 42” high (to match railings)
  • Gate widths available from 4’ to 8’ (custom sizes available)
  • Required horizontal clearance is twice the length of gate opening plus 36”
  • Two (21” sphere test) or three (12” sphere test) rail options available
  • Left- and right-side opening directions available (orientation direction is looking off deck to floor)
  • Freestanding surface mounted (standard) and custom mounting options available
  • Wildeck yellow paint finish for high visibility (other colors available)
  • Gate can be customized to end-user’s specifications
  • Compatible with Wildeck’s EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm (below)
EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm
Model #Gate Clear
Opening Width
Total Horizontal
Clearance Required
SL-GS44 ft.132"107 lb.
SL-GS55 ft.156"112 lb.
SL-GS66 ft.180"117 lb.
SL-GS77 ft.204"122 lb.
SL-GS88 ft.228"127 lb.

 I wanted to make sure that we had complete protection for our exposed edges for all of our employees. We went above and beyond the OSHA requirements and installed Wildeck products that protect the exposed edges, protect our employees and provide the access we need to get materials into our bay. 

- Ronald Vincze
Quality Manager, Precision Gears

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