Pivot Safety Gate

Unique, Cut-To-Fit Design Adapts to Your Application Requirements

Designed for maximum installation flexibility, Wildeck’s innovative Pivot Safety Gate will protect open areas on mezzanines, elevated platforms, balconies, and rack systems during loading and unloading of your material.

  • Side rails can easily connect to most Wildeck mezzanine  railings for a seamless barrier.
  • Strong, balanced construction allows easy lifting and safe gate  operation.
  • For safety, when one side opens the other closes.
  • Integral kickplate keeps objects from falling off mezzanine  or platform.
  • Quality Wildeck design provides easy installation and  reliable service life.
  • Meets IBC codes as well as OSHA safety standards.
  • Meets  ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard (reference Section 6.4.3)
Wildeck Pivot Safety Gate (OSHA compliant)

How it works

Designed for smooth and  reliable operation, Wildeck’s Pivot Safety Gate can  be cut-to-width at your facility for a precise, custom fit. No other safety gate provides this level of installation flexibility.

With its perimeter railing and integral kickplate, loading and unloading areas can now be fully protected, reducing accidents and injury from falling material. Pivot gate railings can also be easily connected to most Wildeck mezzanine railings to provide a seamless barrier.

The pivoting gate design simplifies operation. When one side is raised, the other side closes, allowing quick, convenient and safe access by forklifts and facility personnel.

Whether your opening is  narrow, medium, or wide, everything fits with a Wildeck Pivot Safety Gate. Unique Cut-to-Width design (10 ft to 3 ft) adapts to your application requirements.


  • Shipping Weight:  400 lbs.
  • Installation Footprint:  Outside Width Variable from 120” to 36” x 84-1/2”D x 85-7/16”H
  • Pallet / Load Clearance:
    • Interior Width: Variable from 109-1/8” to 25-1/8”
      (Gate must be Cut-to-Width on site for narrower openings)
    • Depth:  81-13/16”
    • Height/Clearance: 6' 1"
  • Assembly Hardware and Instructions Included
  • Anchors Not Provided
  • Painted Safety Yellow for high visibility.

 I wanted to make sure that we had complete protection for our exposed edges for all of our employees. We went above and beyond the OSHA requirements and installed Wildeck products that protect the exposed edges, protect our employees and provide the access we need to get materials into our bay. 

- Ronald Vincze
Quality Manager, Precision Gears

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