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Double-Drop Safety Gate

The Wildeck Double-Drop Safety Gate is designed and manufactured for maximum safety during pallet handling operations. Mezzanine level personnel can access one pallet bay while a forklift operator at the level below is accessing the other. The Double-Drop Safety Gate is stocked in safety yellow only.

  • Ideal for high-cycle forklift access
  • Simultaneous loading and unloading areas
  • Meets  ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard (reference Section 6.4.3)

How it works

Interconnected sliding gate operation opens and closes inner and outer protective gates simultaneously providing alternating access to each 5' x 5' bay for uninterrupted loading and unloading cycles. Wildeck's Double-Drop Safety Gate mounts easily to any type of flooring. Three-rail design and construction meets OSHA, IBC, BOCA and UBC requirements.


  • Shipping Weight: 550 lbs. (with hardware)
  • Installation Footprint: 13'-8" L x 5'-5" W x 42" H
  • Assembly Hardware and Instructions Included
  • Anchors Provided (when Gate is Ordered with a Wildeck Mezzanine)
  • Usable Load Opening: 5' W x 5' D
  • Painted Safety Yellow for high visibility
  • Meets applicable IBC codes and OSHA safety standards
  • Meets  ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard (reference Section 6.4.3)

We went beyond the OSHA requirements and installed Wildeck products that protect the exposed edges, protect our employees and provide the access we need to get materials. We are very pleased with Wildeck's quality safety products, and the outstanding customer services we have received.

- Ronald Vincze
Quality Manager, Precision Gears, Inc.

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Wildeck safety gates are identified as the safest mezzanine gate options available due to their ability to secure the exposed edge along elevated pallet drop areas. When one side of a Wildeck safety gate is opened, the other closes simultaneously, ensuring that a barrier exists between personnel and the edge of the mezzanine when accessing forklift pallet loads.

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Wildeck pallet gates for mezzanines offer an economic alternative to safety gates without sacrificing product integrity. Choose between self-closing (spring-loaded) designs for applications where pallet flow is required (see finger gate, impact gate), or manually operated gate options for daily use by personnel. Wildeck's manually operated pallet gate options are available with its patented EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm system, to alert personnel when a gate has been inadvertently left open.

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