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Bevco Engineering Seeks Out Wildeck for Expansion

Wildeck mezzanine with vrc and guardrail in manufacturing environment


For Bevco Engineering, Inc., business has looked pretty good. What once started as a small operation of 8 employees in 1995 has grown to see over 100 today. The company has made its name by specializing in the design and construction of custom electrical control systems and production quantity panels for industrial and healthcare applications. Bevco has been operating out of its facility in Sussex, WI for over 20 years now – and like all companies that have experienced growth, additional space would eventually be required to support increased demand. Bevco needed additional assembly stations, but its existing footprint was maxed out. This raised the question: What is a fast and cost-effective way to add square footage, that would be minimally disruptive to current operations? Bevco approached Wildeck with the goal of increasing floor space to accommodate additional assembly stations without sacrificing any of its crucial storage areas.

Wildeck mezzanine underside with lighting

Addressing Spatial Constraints

Wildeck worked with Bevco to identify a platform design that would fit within their existing footprint and provide enough strength to support its future assembly stations. The end result was the installation of a 44.5' W x 75' L mezzanine platform, utilizing a combination of beam and C-section framing to support a live load of 135 PSF. The floor surface of the mezzanine was constructed of a combination of roof deck and resin board, providing a smooth surface for operations at the new upper level. A 10' wide Pivot Safety Gate was installed at this top level, facilitating the efficient loading and unloading of palletized items being brought to this level via forklift. The Wildeck mezzanine design also featured a set of industrial steel stairs for personnel to efficiently travel to and from the newly created level above.


Wildeck VRC on mezzanine level

Efficient Equipment Transfer

While the Pivot Safety Gate served as a safe method for receiving materials at the mezzanine level, a forklift is still required to load/unload at its drop zone. What if there is no forklift operator available? Bevco needed another method of moving bulky equipment to and from the mezzanine. In response, they opted for Wildeck to design and manufacture a custom Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) to be installed onto the mezzanine. Bevco’s mechanically powered lift unit is designed to support a 2200 lb. capacity and move materials at a speed of 28 FPM. With a carriage size of 74" L x 64" W x 89", Bevco would now be able to send carts or palletized items up to its new mezzanine level with the push of a button. Bevco ensured the protection of the VRC by installing a section of Wilgard® forklift guardrail along the side facing the forklift traffic lane.


A Turnkey Solution

The installation of the mezzanine, VRC, stairway, safety gate, and guardrail was completed in just seven days, and allowed Bevco to quickly begin using their newfound space with minimal interruption. Bevco Engineering expressed their satisfaction with Wildeck's responsive communication during the installation process. "Wildeck managed our project very well from quote to installation. They were very responsive and communicated every step of the way. The installation crew did a great job and coordinated with the other contractors very well. Bevco could not have asked for anything better." Stated Dan Ludwikoski, President of Bevco Engineering.



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