Wildeck’s SaferGate™ Pedestrian Crossing Gate offers a safe and convenient way to access equipment and areas protected by Wilgard® Steel Guard Rail Systems. This high-performance, self-closing swing gate installs in minutes onto new or existing XT, MT or LT Wilgard® guard rail columns. In addition to providing convenient access to protected areas, the SaferGate™ reduces a facility’s accident potential by channeling pedestrians to specific areas.


The SaferGate™ is designed for easy field retrofit and maximum durability and reliability. The gate is painted safety yellow for high visibility with a tough polyurethane finish that can withstand a high volume of traffic.



  • Self-closing, spring-loaded hinges tested to withstand over 100,000 cycles;
  • Installs in minutes and replaces a 4’ section of Wilgard® guard rail without modification to existing columns;
  • Creates 34⅝” clear opening for pedestrian or cart traffic;
  • Gates open out into the aisle and include a safety latch for personnel; and
  • All gate hardware is included.


Wildeck’s Wilgard® Steel Guard Rail Systems are used in warehouses and distributions centers across the country to protect inventory, equipment, machinery and (most importantly) people. Safe and durable access to these crucial investments can be obtained with Wildeck’s SaferGate™.


If you would like more information about how Wildeck’s comprehensive suite of guarding products can enhance the safety and efficiency of your facility, contact us at info@wildeck.com or (800) 325-6939.

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