How Industrial Mezzanines Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact


industrial steel mezzanines

Warehouses and distribution centers that have outgrown their current facility often believe that the only remedy is to move or renovate. While it is true that both options provide additional square footage, they do so at great financial and environmental cost. In a climate where consumers are increasingly concerned with corporate social responsibility, how does a facility in need of additional space move forward? The answer is simple: look up.


Most warehouse facilities have ceilings in excess of 30-feet high. The unused vertical space above the facility’s ground floor provides the ideal location for industrial mezzanines. With the required additional floor space safely contained overhead, the need for a facility renovation or relocation becomes increasingly less attractive.


Industrial mezzanines offer a way for companies to reduce their environmental impact by maximizing the use of their facility’s existing resources. For instance, heavy-duty steel bar grating can provide a durable mezzanine deck capable of withstanding the rigors of industrial loads. Their open grid construction allows for the circulation of both air and light, allowing the facility to capitalize upon their existing HVAC and lighting resources. Conversely, facility expansion and relocation projects respectively require the installation of new equipment or the modification of existing equipment.


As any construction foreman can attest, new construction projects require new building materials. The production and use of these new building materials are directly responsible for the production of large quantities of CO2 (greenhouse gas). Additionally, preparatory landscape work at the new building site typically clears the area of vegetation, eliminating a portion of the surrounding environment’s protective filtration system. In keeping with the three Rs of environmental stewardship (reduce, reuse, recycle), the addition of industrial mezzanines to an existing building allows a company to reduce their overall material consumption.


In addition to helping a company become greener, an investment in industrial mezzanines helps a facility save green (money). Renovation projects and total or partial facility moves all come with hefty price tags. Time lost during the construction process or the move also limits a facility’s ability to engage in revenue-generating activity. While the mezzanine’s specifications will dictate the amount of installation time needed, most can be erected in a matter of weeks. Skilled installation crews can work around a facility’s operations, resulting in minimal lost time.


If your facility is contemplating a renovation project or facility relocation, contact one of Wildeck’s knowledgeable consultants first. Our expert industrial mezzanines team is excited to discuss the ways we can help your facility reduce their environmental impact. We look forward to helping you maximize your current facility’s capabilities.

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