The Benefits of Customized Material Handling Products


Three Benefits of Customized Material Handling Solutions


When making the investment in a material handling solution, the initial and most important step is selecting a knowledgeable vendor. Reputation, price point and the ability of the vendor to meet desired timelines frequently rank high on a customer’s list of priorities. While all these factors merit careful consideration, there is one area that customers frequently overlook in their decision-making process: the ability of the material handling vendor to offer customized products.


Each warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing facility is unique. Capacity, projected growth and order fulfillment times are just a few of the ways in which facilities vary from one another. While solution providers are well aware of these differences, many attempt to convince their customers that a one-size-fits-all approach is “good enough.” In the end, customers that take this route find themselves buying additional materials and equipment to make their new solution “work.” What started out as an answer has turned into additional problems to be solved.


At Wildeck, we believe that material handling solutions should seamlessly integrate into a facility’s operations. Outlined below are three key benefits that customers can expect when partnering with Wildeck for their material handling needs.


Customized Products Improve Operational Efficiency


An old Shop Class motto states that “a man is only as good as the tools he uses.” By the same logic, a facility is only as good as the material handling solutions they use throughout the day. In meeting day-to-day operational needs, Wildeck’s customized solutions offer facilities several efficiency advantages. Specifically, they:


  • Provide greater ease of use over “off-the-rack” solutions,
  • Simplify job processes and create smoother workflows,
  • Improve the speed and ease of product transportation through facilities and
  • Adapt more readily to future facility needs.


Time is one of the biggest challenges currently facing the material handling industry. Across all sectors, there is an increasing amount of pressure to get products out the door and to the customer more quickly. In an environment where seconds matter, having the right equipment in place for the job provides an advantage over the competition. To see an example of how customized Wildeck mezzanines and vertical reciprocating conveyors increased a growing beverage distributor’s operational efficiency click here.


Customized Products Increase Safety


With OSHA fines on the rise by as much as 80%, many industrial facilities are putting a greater emphasis on purchasing and using safe equipment. Wildeck firmly believes that we have an obligation to keep our customers safe while they are using our products. For this reason, all Wildeck products (regardless of whether they are a standard or custom order) are manufactured in compliance with OSHA regulations.


Additionally, Wildeck offers product customizations that enhance safety beyond OSHA’s exacting regulations. For example, Wildeck’s line of rolling ladders can be built to a customer’s specific height requirements, ensuring that end-users do not bend, reach or strain unnecessarily while using the ladder. The product’s cantilever design also gets users within arm’s reach of their project, creating a more ergonomic work environment.


Customized Products Reduce Operational Costs


Customized material handling solutions positively contribute to a facility’s profitability. For instance, facilities that utilize customized solutions have an easier time achieving storage organization. As a result, less merchandise is damaged or misplaced and employees spend more time engaged in productive work. Additionally, as outlined above, customized solutions increase safety. This may result in decreased workplace accidents and workplace compensation costs.


One trend gaining popularity within the customized material handling sector is automation. Automation increases productivity without the expense of additional staff. One product that Wildeck offers that facilitates automation is the XpressLift™. Specifically designed to efficiently integrate vertical lifting into automated conveyor systems, the XpressLift™ can quickly transfer totes or cartons of materials (weighing up to 75 pounds) at speeds up to 350 feet per minute. Through products like this, Wildeck helps customers maximize their facility’s profitability.


Improved operational efficiency, increased safety and reduced operational costs are just three ways in which material handling facilities benefit from customized solutions. Wildeck’s team of experts is committed to understanding your facility’s unique material handling challenges. To find out how Wildeck products can address your specific needs, contact us at or 800-325-6939. Together we can create solutions that benefit both your facility’s products and people.