OSHA Fines

Three Products That Keep Your Facility Safe


OSHA fines are on the rise. With the price tag of some fines rising by as much as 80%, you need to reconsider the way you view OSHA compliance and safety products in your facility. The following outlines three products that will help keep your facility safe and help you avoid OSHA fines.





Starting in August 2016, the maximum penalty for an OSHA violation was increased from $7,000 per incident to $12,471 per incident. Since 2011, ineffective or missing fall protection has been OSHA’s most cited violation every year.


Current OSHA fall protection guidelines require that barriers, such as safety gates and guard rails, be in place on any elevated platform (four feet or higher) where an employee may be required to do work (OSHA Regulation 1910.23 for Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes). Given the serious ramifications for both employers and employees, installing and maintaining the proper fall protection products ensures that both parties are safeguarded from harm.


1. Gate Alarm Systems


mezzanine gate alarm

By continuously monitoring a gate’s opened/closed status, the Wildeck EdgeAlert™ helps ensure that gateways are kept in compliance with OSHA’s fall protection guidelines. Equipped with both flashing LED lights and a highly audible alarm, system users are instantly alerted to a gate that has been inadvertently left open.


Amber-colored LED lights are located on the front and back of the enclosure and provide high visibility at both elevated and ground levels. When job duties require routine access, gate users may choose to silence the EdgeAlert™ alarm system for 120 seconds by pressing the snooze/acknowledge button. Once they have completed their task, the alarm system can be manually reset.


The EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm can also be configured to automatically reset each time the gate has been closed and secured. In addition to being included with every new access gate that Wildeck sells, the EdgeAlert™ alarm system can be retrofitted to existing gates, even those not manufactured by Wildeck.


2. Loading Dock Safety Gates


OSHA Fines

Due to the high traffic volume required to efficiently load and unload supplies and goods, nearly 25% of all reported warehouse injuries occur on or near the loading dock. Given this sizable statistic, it is clear to see why OSHA guidelines require loading dock safety gates at elevations of four feet or higher.


Wildeck’s EdgeGard™ Dock Gates are designed to protect both personnel and equipment working near open dock doors, truck loading pits or other hazardous areas.


Available in either a straight-rail or folding-rail design, EdgeGard™ Dock Gates are built to meet the 200-pound OSHA 1910.23 load force protection requirement. When moved, the EdgeGard Dock Gate is designed to completely clear the designated opening, providing enough space for unobstructed traffic flow.


When properly closed, the dock safety gate is held securely in place and does not move. In addition to safeguarding elevated work platforms, EdgeGard™ Dock gates can be used to isolate restricted areas and separate work zones.


3. Guard Rails

OSHA Fines


The use of strategically placed guard rails throughout a facility protects the investment a company has made in inventory, equipment, machinery and people. Many industrial settings rely only upon painted lines to direct traffic flows and indicate restricted areas. However, these lines can be easily ignored and crossed over by employees, motorized equipment and vehicles. Wildeck’s Wilgard® Guard Rail provides both a visual and physical barrier that achieves a higher standard of safety.


Available in three different strengths (XT, MT and LT), Wilgard® Guard Rails offer a wider range of impact resistance than any other U.S. manufacturer.


In addition to directing traffic flows, Wilgard® Guard Rail can be used to protect in-plant offices, shield manufacturing areas and guard mezzanine structures. The applications of this indispensable safety product are innumerable.


Despite the dramatic increase in the maximum fines for OSHA violations, there is no need to worry. Wildeck is here to assist companies in their safety compliance efforts. Our products are designed to be cost-effective and installed quickly. By only manufacturing products that meet or exceed OSHA guidelines, we take the guesswork out of compliance. Our team of experts can help your company decide what products are needed to achieve optimum safety in your facility.