Our Approach to Custom Aircraft Maintenance Platforms

Custom aircraft maintenance platform

In aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, a conventional work platform does not often provide workers with the safest way to access work areas. Wildeck’s approach to customization simplifies the design process for custom platform solutions, while involving input from its customers along the way. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect from Wildeck during your next request for a custom designed aircraft maintenance/work platform.


Getting Started

After an initial call to walk through the project application and dimensions, a Wildeck expert will usually determine if a custom design is needed right away. For instance, if the project requires something other than Wildeck’s standard top of deck height or it would not fit into one of their existing fixtures, a custom set of stairs would be required for the work platform.

The customer will then provide Wildeck with a sketch or drawing of the project and Wildeck will determine the proper measurements and best design for the job. The majority of Wildeck’s projects are made to order because customers have very specific requirements that call for unique designs. Wildeck takes pride in being able to accommodate these unique needs and is always open to new, proposed designs.


Next Steps

So, you know you need a customized design, but what comes next? Typically, Wildeck will develop a quote based of the initial specs provided by the potential customer. If the quote becomes an order, Wildeck will design the product and email the drawings to the customer for approval. Once the design has been approved, production can begin. This process usually takes eight to ten weeks for custom projects. Standard products typically take less time, while complex projects may be a bit longer.


Custom Project Example

Wildeck recently worked with a major airline that was retrofitting their aircrafts to be equipped with new Wi-Fi. The customer needed to access the fuselages of their aircrafts, to install the Wi-Fi dishes. Wildeck was able to design and manufacture a custom platform with a crane built-in so that the customer could hoist the new dishes up and properly position them over the fuselages. The customer was thrilled with the results and Wildeck made the process simple and streamlined.


Safety is Key

The number one thing to consider when customizing a platform for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance is safety. Customers closely interact with their projects every day, so considering how the platforms will be counterweighted to maintain stability is imperative. Having guardrails on the platform is important, but Wildeck takes it a step further with their custom projects. Wildeck designs guardrails that can swing out, over, and even extend around the aircraft so the customer has a protective barrier around them even as they are working on top of the aircraft. Many of Wildeck’s custom platforms are designed to be adjustable so that they can be positioned tightly around the aircraft without actually making contact with the aircraft body.


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