Wildeck Pick Module Products

What is a pick module?


A pick module is not a single piece of equipment or tool. Rather, it is the integration of multiple pieces of equipment to create a system that optimizes the flow of products, materials or merchandise through a warehouse or distribution center. Put another way, pick modules are comprised of multiple components that work together to create a high-density storage system that supports order fulfillment.


The configuration of the pieces of equipment in a pick module solution are as varied and unique as the warehouses and distribution centers that utilize them. Depending on a company’s needs, pick module systems can be designed to accommodate manual applications, automated applications or a combination of both. Warehouses and distribution centers that utilize pick modules as part of their order fulfillment processes find that productivity is increased and the margin for human error is decreased, increasing a company’s overall efficiency and profitability.


Wildeck’s Pick Module Solutions


Designed in compliance with OSHA’s and/or IBC’s safety standards, Wildeck’s suite of pick module products are engineered to make the most efficient use of a facility’s space, lowering operating costs and maximizing safety.


Currently, Wildeck’s portfolio of pick module products includes: OSHA and IBC stair and tower systems, crossovers and catwalks, gates, platforms, railing, kick plate and flashing. Available in both standard and custom solutions, all of Wildeck’s pick module products are capable of withstanding the fast pace and heavy use of the distribution center environment.


Typical applications for Wildeck’s pick module products include:


  • Gates used for pallet flow, case flow, pallet returns and charging areas;
  • IBC compliant stairways for employee traffic and OSHA compliant stairways for maintenance access;
  • Conveyor crossovers for egress (IBC) or maintenance (OSHA) purposes;
  • Catwalks as crossover extensions or custom catwalks; and
  • Access ladders with or without cages, as well as fall arrest systems that comply with OSHA’s new codes.


Four Pick Module Products for Enhanced Efficiency


While Wildeck offers an extensive portfolio of quality pick module solutions, four products merit special attention due to their ability to enhance a facility’s safety and efficiency. These products include: the NetGate™ Pick Module Safety Gate, the Pallet Drop Zone (DZ) Safety Gate, the JiffyStair™ Modular Stair System and the JiffyRail™ Platform Guard Rail.


1. NetGate™ Pick Module Safety Gate

Wildeck’s NetGate™ Pick Module Safety Gate provides safe access to palletized materials at elevated levels, especially in charge areas. Unlike other gates available in the material handling marketplace, the NetGate™ is a true safety gate because it keeps the elevated ledge protected at all times. Utilizing a complete cable/pulley system that is easily installed and lightweight, the NetGate™ fits a rack bay with minimal forklift or aisle interference. Unique to the NetGate™ is its netted barrier that spans the entire height of its closed side, to contain small boxes and other items sitting on the pallet. Available in both rack-mounted and free standing variations, the NetGate™ can be used with new or existing rack systems.


2. Pallet Drop Zone (DZ) Safety Gate
The Pallet Drop Zone (DZ) Safety Gate also provides safe access to palletized materials at elevated levels and is available in both rack-mounted and free-standing models. As one side of the DZ gate is raised, the other closes, keeping the elevated ledge protected at all times. A key benefit of the DZ gate is its ability to facilitate high pallet loads while utilizing a short gate depth. Standard DZ gates have an 86-inch clearance height with a 54-inch clearance depth; however, height, width and depth dimensions can be customized to the end-user’s specific space needs. Multiple pivot points on the arm mechanism create a geometry that adds to the gate’s space efficiency.


3. JiffyStair™ Modular Stair System
Wildeck’s JiffyStair™ Modular Stair System offers an IBC or OSHA compliant solution that can be tailored to the end-user’s environment. Comprised of three major components (stringers, end loops and treads), the JiffyStair™ is efficiently packaged on a pallet for speedy assembly in the field. During assembly, the height of the JiffyStair™ can be adjusted by approximately six to eight inches. Treads are leveled and secured, allowing for minor variances in top-of-deck dimensions that occur in the field. Additionally, top and bottom loops can be removed and modified (when necessary) to adjust for the reality of installation.


4. JiffyRail™ Platform Guard Rail
Customers searching for a complete, one-source answer for guarding their pick module’s elevated ledges need Wildeck’s JiffyRail™ Platform Guard Rail. Supplied in prefabricated/pre-welded form to ensure the lowest cost of installation, layouts are custom designed to fit a facility’s exact specifications. All railing is made from 1½-inch diameter steel tubing and all posts are made from 1⅝-inch diameter steel tubing (with exclusive tee and cross fittings furnished pre-welded to posts). Standard JiffyRail™ railing is zinc plated for long-lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Designed in compliance with OSHA’s 200-pound point load regulations for fall protection systems, JiffyRail™ has been proven to enhance a facility’s safety and efficiency.


At Wildeck, we understand the value of meeting our end-user’s specific needs. That is why our sales and engineering teams are here to help you through the entire process, from concept to installation. Working with exact specifications, Wildeck’s team of engineers can provide efficient, code-compliant solutions. Quotes can be prepared as CAD 2D or 3D drawings (varies by product).


End-users demand solutions that create a return on investment and Wildeck’s pick module products have been proven to be a revenue enhancer. Our decades of industry experience has shown that Wildeck’s pick module products are the ideal solution for warehouses and distribution centers looking to optimize their available space and increase efficiency. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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