Wildeck mezzanine


What is a Wildeck mezzanine?


A Wildeck mezzanine (sometimes referred to as an “industrial mezzanine” or “steel work platform”) is an elevated platform within a building that can be used for storage, manufacturing, office space or as an equipment access platform. While companies choose to install Wildeck mezzanines inside their warehouses and distribution centers for a variety of reasons, these stable work platforms are primarily used to create more square footage within a building by utilizing the existing overhead space.


Wildeck mezzanines are constructed with heavy-duty steel. This means that these durable work platforms are capable of performing a variety of demanding functions within a warehouse or distribution center. For instance, some companies choose to utilize their industrial mezzanine for the safe storage of inventory and supplies. Other companies choose to place their equipment and machinery on the mezzanine’s deck, maximizing the amount of available working space within their facility. The ways in which Wildeck mezzanines can be utilized within a warehouse or distribution center are as diverse and unique as the companies that purchase them.


Designed around a building’s existing blueprint, the nut-and-bolt construction of a Wildeck mezzanine provides for easy expansion and relocation (if needed). Depending on a facility’s ceiling height, a Wildeck mezzanine can be single or multi-tiered, effectively adding a second or third level to an existing building. Quality manufactured to a company’s exact specification requirements, Wildeck mezzanines are designed for fast and easy assembly, resulting in minimal disruption to a company’s daily operations.


What are the benefits of a Wildeck mezzanine?


In addition to providing additional square footage by utilizing a building’s overhead space, there are a variety of other benefits that a company can anticipate from the installation of a Wildeck mezzanine at their facility. Some of these benefits include:




For companies that are on the verge of outgrowing their current facility, extensive construction projects or facility relocations seem like the only viable solutions. However, when compared with the cost of a building expansion or facility relocation, a Wildeck mezzanine offers a fiscally savvy solution. Available at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives, Wildeck work platforms help companies achieve their square footage needs without compromising the bottom line.


Since Wildeck mezzanines are designed and constructed around a building’s existing footprint, these industrial work platforms can utilize the utilities (i.e. HVAC, water, electricity) already present in a building. This further eliminates the need for pricey renovations that can substantially disrupt a facility’s daily operations. Additionally, depending upon its intended use, a Wildeck mezzanine requires minimal to no maintenance. All these factors combined equate to cost savings for the company.




Every business knows that time is just as precious of a commodity as money. When a company contemplates a construction project or facility move to resolve their square footage dilemma, they are considering more than just a substantial allocation of their financial assets. They are also considering a serious investment of their time resources. For instance, when a company pursues one of these two solutions, they are committing precious man-hours to sourcing architects, coordinating moving trucks and relocating heavy equipment (among the many other tasks that inevitably appear on the to-do list).


While the exact specifications of a Wildeck mezzanine will dictate the amount of installation time that is needed, most can be erected in a matter of weeks with minimal disruption to a facility’s daily operations. Additionally, with the majority of the work completed by Wildeck’s engineers and installation crew, the company’s employees can remain focused on maintaining production and meeting customer demands. In a world where time equals money, a Wildeck mezzanine helps save both.





When asked about their most pressing or habitual concerns for their warehouse or distribution center, most companies will likely reply that safety is near the top of the list. It is a well-known fact that accidents are more likely to occur in areas of a facility that have become overcrowded with people and equipment. Distracted and impeded by unnecessary obstacles, mistakes are made that can have far-reaching consequences for both the company and its employees.


With the additional square footage that a Wildeck mezzanine affords, work stations and traffic flows can be more clearly defined and distributed throughout the facility. Equipped with an adequate amount of space, employees can then perform their job functions in a safer manner. Unencumbered by obstacles, work can be accomplished more efficiently. Taken all together, these factors combined create an environment that is geared towards maximizing productivity and throughput.




Automation is definitely the industry’s “buzzword” of the day. A quick internet search for “warehouse automation products” produces a staggering 91 million results. While the benefits of incorporating this technology into a warehouse or distribution center are undisputable, many fail to consider the amount of space that this needed to get this technology up and running.


A Wildeck mezzanine is the ideal solution for warehouses and distribution centers interested in starting or expanding their portfolio of automation solutions. Through the integration of a work platform with conveyors, lifts, chutes and a host of other products, materials and merchandise can be quickly moved through a facility. With the automation process safely contained overhead on a Wildeck mezzanine, ground-level space can be used for storing and quickly dispatching finished products. A Wildeck mezzanine is literally the foundation upon which automation capabilities can be built.


If you are interested in learning more about the benefits that a Wildeck mezzanine could bring to your facility, please feel free to contact us at info@wildeck.com or call 1-800-325-6939. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help take your company to the next level.


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