Across the country, manufacturers and distributors are under an increasing amount of pressure to increase material throughput and shorten product delivery times. As a result, many facilities are looking to automation to achieve their operational efficiency goals. One product changing the automation landscape is Wildeck’s FlexLoader™ VRC System.


The FlexLoader™ VRC System utilizes automated, flush-mounted conveyors with either a straddle or 4-post VRC and Wildeck Overhead Safety Gates. This innovative design transforms a basic vertical lift into a safer, more efficient and more automated material lifting system that seamlessly connects all facility levels. While designed as a standalone, turnkey system, the FlexLoader™ can also be integrated into larger, more complex material handling/storage systems. In addition to being excluded from elevator department inspections, the system is code compliant in all 50 states.


The FlexLoader™ is safe and easy to operate. The typical operation sequence is outlined below:


  1. The operator raises the overhead safety gate that guards the open shaft way;
  2. The materials are then loaded onto the flush-mounted conveyor section with a pallet jack/fork truck;
  3. The safety gate is manually closed, preventing personnel for entering the lift platform area;
  4. The load is automatically delivered to the designated level by the Wildeck VRC; and
  5. The safety gate is manually opened at the receiving level to offload the materials.


This sequence can be repeated at any level in either a C, Z or H loading pattern.


The FlexLoader™ is available nationwide through Wildeck’s material handling dealers and systems integrators. Contact Wildeck to discuss your application today.