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School and Gym Storage Solutions

Facility and operations personnel know that storage capacity and space efficiency are the building blocks of a productive scholastic infrastructure. With Wildeck® work platforms, material lifts (VRCs), safety guarding and access products, they are quickly moving to the head of their class.

Wildeck provides material handling solutions that meet your specific requirements. We don't design jobs using just any materials; we design in the strength, durability, and quality you require.

For over 30 years, facilities have turned to Wildeck solutions to improve the safety, speed, and efficiency of their operations.

Wildeck® elevated work platforms, material lifts (VRCs), safety guarding and access products will enhance your facility by providing valuable protection, storage space, and ultimately, greater operational efficiency. Our products have allowed facilities to use the fullest potential of their space.

These benefits are a result of Wildeck’s quality craftsmanship. Our team is committed to designing and manufacturing custom solutions that are unique to our customer’s specific application.

Wildeck's design department will ensure that your special needs are met in the safest, most efficient manner, and that attention is always given to governing codes and regulations.

School & University Case Studies

We were totally out of space, and without mezzanine platforms, it would have forced us to add on to our buildings.

- Gary Drewing
Owners, Joe Machens Dealerships

Wildeck School & University Specialist Services

Educational facilities, schools, and universities face challenges of secure environments, concern for health and safety, and lack of space. Properly designed facility layouts and reliable material handling systems can increase your available space and allow more room for teaching.

Wildeck Specialists know what equipment works best and will help you to utilize every square inch of your facility most effectively.

Specialist Services

  • Measure your Facility
  • Plan the Design and Layout
  • Select the Right Equipment
  • Oversee Installation & Delivery
  • Ensure Code Compliance
  • Apply Appropriate Seismic Design
  • Help with Future Material Handling Needs

School & University Applications

  • Archive: Documents and Paper
  • Gymnasium: Athletic Equipment
  • Music: Band and Orchestra Instruments
  • Theater: Stage Sets, Costumes, and Supplies
  • Classroom: Desks and Office Furniture
  • Library: Books and Media
  • Student Union: Bookstore, Equipment, and Supplies

Typical School & University Solutions

Framing & Decking

Utilize Overhead Space

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Man installing guard loading dock gates.

Loading Dock Gates

Protect Personnel & Equipment

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wildeck personnel lift

Rideable Material Lifts

Allow personnel to travel with materials

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Rolling Ladders &
Work Stands

Improve Access &  Mobility

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School & University Customers