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Plastics Facility Material Handling

Structures, machinery, and equipment for plastics facilities

In an industry that calls for the constant manufacturing and distribution of polymers, material handling is a must. For over 30 years, plastics facilities have turned to Wildeck products to improve the safety, speed, and efficiency of their daily operations.

Wildeck® elevated work platforms, material lifts (VRCs), and safety guarding products will enhance your facility by providing valuable protection, storage space, and ultimately, greater operational efficiency. Our products have allowed plastics manufacturers to gain their competitive edge in the market by reducing costs and generating peak performance levels.

These benefits are a result of Wildeck’s quality craftsmanship. Our team is committed to designing and manufacturing custom solutions that are unique to our customer’s specific application, allowing their operations to run more efficiently.

mezzanine with robotics

Plastics Case Studies

We were totally out of space, and without mezzanine platforms, it would have forced us to add on to our buildings.

- Gary Drewing
Owners, Joe Machens Dealerships

Wildeck Plastics Facilty Specialist Services

Wildeck Specialists know what equipment works best and will help you to utilize every square inch of your facility most effectively. The Specialists are full-line dealers who can provide your parts room with ALL the material handling equipment that you may need. This includes shelving, modular cabinets, carts, pallet jacks, as well as Wildeck work platforms, VRCs, and guarding products.

Plastic manufacturing and distribution processes include a variety of tasks during hours of operation. Use Wildeck material handling solutions to improve your facility and work conditions in the following areas:

Specialist Services

  • Consult with you, your engineer, architect, and general contractor
  • Explain Project Benefits and Tax Advantages
  • Plan your Design and Layout
  • Select the Right Equipment
  • Oversee Installation & Delivery
  • Ensure Code Compliance
  • Apply Appropriate Seismic Design

Plastics Facility Applications

  • Conveyor Support
  • Work Platform
  • In Plant Office
  • Observation Tower
  • Equipment Protection
  • Storage (e.g., rubber parts, machinery, nylon, bioplastics, chemical, vinyl)
  • Pedestrian Traffic Control

Typical Plastics Facility Solutions

Framing & Decking

Utilize Overhead Space

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Protective Barriers

Get the protection you need.

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Vertical Reciprocating

Safely and efficiently move materials

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Conveyor Crossovers

Improve Access, Safety &  Efficiency

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Plastics Facility Customers