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Pick Module Gates, Stairs, Crossovers, and More

A well designed and equipped pick module can improve productivity, material flow, efficiency, and safety in your fulfillment center.

Wildeck creates durable products that can withstand the fast pace and heavy use of the distribution center environment. We strive to help you with maximizing your space utilization through standard and custom solutions. Typical applications for Wildeck products include: pallet flow, case flow, pallet rack, conveyor crossovers, catwalks, AS/RS and custom projects.

Wildeck Engineering Services

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Stair / Tower Systems

U-Shaped Crossovers

Access Gates (non-safety)

2-Panel Impact Gates

4-Panel Impact Gates

Stairs Crossover (standard)

Safety Gates

Pallet Drop Zone Gate

JiffyRail™ Railing System

Featured Pick Module Products

Stair / Tower Systems

IBC (egress) and OSHA (maintenance) stairways mount to Wildeck towers, platforms, or your rack beams.

Pallet Drop Zone Gate

Safety gate that utilizes multiple pivot points to accommodate taller, wider, and deeper pallet loads.

Conveyor Crossovers

IBC (egress) and OSHA (maintenance) crossover units to provide access to and around machinery and equipment.

JiffyRail™ and Gates

Top, side, and rack-mounted configurations available, with no onsite welding required. Toe board and flashing provided for "B" deck, "N" deck, or bar grating.

Impact Gates

Commonly used in pallet flow areas; freestanding and rack mounted options available; choose between 4-panel, 2-panel, and finger gate variations (displayed above)


Pick Module Tilt Gate

A variety of gate designs to best meet the requirements of your rack bay or elevated surface. For more information, please call 800-360-6789.

Custom Platforms

Custom platform configurations available to best meet your space, safety, and application requirements.

Access Ladders

Equipped with fall arrest or self retracting lanyards (meets OSHA standard 1910.28).

Designs for your project

We know that one size doesn't always fit all. That is why we listen to you, the customer, to design products that work within the parameters of your space and application. We will work directly with your project files and "drop-in" the products you need, to provide accurate drawings quickly.


Product Spotlight: JiffyRail™

JiffyRail™ is the complete one-source answer to guarding elevated platforms and other dangerous areas. It is supplied in prefabricated form for the lowest cost of installation and layouts are custom designed to fit your floor plan. With no field welding or touch-up required, it provides an effective barrier that can be installed in a "Jiffy."

To achieve our ultimate goal to assemble and distribute more product than ever before, we knew we had to select and work closely with experienced suppliers who could deliver their equipment on time and it had to be right when installed.

- Martin Drapacz
Operations Manager, CDW Distribution

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