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Municipality Storage Solutions

With Wildeck® work platforms, material lifts (VRCs), and safety guarding products, you will have the ability to store, move and protect your community equipment and resources.

Many buildings and facilities are included in any municipality’s operations. The functionality of each building, from public works to the courthouse, varies in size, purpose, and need. Each department requires different tools, work space, and storage to meet daily, seasonal, and yearly responsibilities. Every facility should also have proper visual and safety impact barriers in place to deter injury, costly repairs, and building maintenance.

In most cases, departments always seem to run out of storage. Ensure your community’s equipment and mandated documentation is well-maintained, easy to locate and access, and have the space to last for the long haul.

For many state driven entities and business extensions, state regulations require records and documentation. From department to department, many of the storage needs are the same. Make it easier to store, access, and move all kinds of machinery, equipment, parts and items. Store and move items such as:

  • Small equipment: tools, lawn care and snow removal
  • Seasonal decorations: planters and hanging baskets, light post signage, holiday lights and figures
  • Barricades, emergency signage, traffic routing cones and arrows
  • Training equipment, documentation and props
  • Archives, books, files, tax documentation and paperwork
  • Fire hoses, safety equipment, rescue squad bulk supplies

Whether you work with an existing facility or are now planning the layout of new construction, both require space utilization. Let your Wildeck® representative help you maximize your capacity, efficiency, and safety today.

Municipality Case Studies

By incorporating a Wildeck® work platform, the overhead space can be fully utilized and the Police Department Radio Shop gains valuable working, storage and repair space at a lower cost than new construction.

- David Go
Electronic Technical Foreman, Milwaukee Police Dept. Radio Shop

Wildeck Municipality Specialist Services

Wildeck Specialists know what equipment works best and will help you to utilize every square inch of your facility most effectively. The Specialists are full-line dealers who can provide your parts room with ALL the material handling equipment that you may need. This includes shelving, modular cabinets, carts, pallet jacks, as well as Wildeck work platforms, VRCs, and guarding products.

Specialist Services

  • Measure your Facility
  • Plan the Design and Layout
  • Select the Right Equipment
  • Oversee Installation & Delivery
  • Ensure Code Compliance
  • Apply Appropriate Seismic Design
  • Help with Future Material Handling Needs

Municipality Facilities with Applications

City Hall and Court House
Common Applications: Archive storage of records, taxes, building inspections, prints and specifications. Even with computer storage, there remains a large paper trail to file, store, and easily access.

Fire and Rescue Department
Common Applications: Store supplies such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), turn out gear, fire hoses, safety equipment, rescue squad bulk supplies, barricades, emergency signage, traffic routing cones, arrows, training equipment, props, documentation and paperwork.

Utilities, Water, Wastewater
Common Applications: Store spare parts, hydrants, valves, piping, wrenches, stop boxes, water meter inventory, lockout-tag out equipment, parts and equipment, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including: respirators, tripods, safety harnesses, gloves, boots, and raingear.

Department of Public Works
Streets & Parks Common Applications: Storage and movement of: large and heavy castings for manhole covers, street lights and catch basins. Protect columns and work stations with safety guards.

Common Applications: Store and easily move mountains of books, reference material, paperwork, electronic equipment and computers.

Municipal Airport
Common Applications: Store records, training and safety equipment, mechanic tools and parts

Police Department
Common Applications: Storage space for: records, firearms, crime scene evidence, and recovered goods such as: bikes, vehicles, motorbikes, etc

Common Applications: Store paperwork including building and street plans, many of which are as old as the city, archives and file cabinets, and contractor correspondence

Typical Municipality Solutions

Framing & Decking

Utilize Overhead Space

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Man installing guard loading dock gates.

Loading Dock Gates

Protect Personnel & Equipment

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Rolling Ladders &
Work Stands

Improve Access &  Mobility

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Protective Barriers

Get the protection you need.

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