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Funeral Home Casket Lifts

VRCs for lifting applications

Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau a death occurs every 14 seconds?

Due to this astounding statistic, there is great opportunity for the utilization of a Wildeck VRC in the Funeral Service industry.

Many funeral homes are set up with the preparation and storage areas in the basement and viewing areas on the main or upper levels. A VRC is a highly efficient way to safely move heavy caskets between levels. The VRC can also move supplies, materials, and equipment as needed.

Wildeck's industry leading team is available to assist you as you work with your architect or general contractor. VRCs can be a cost effective alternative or addition to an elevator. A VRC can be designed in and added during new construction or can be retrofit into existing facilities.

VRCs are the ideal solution to transport caskets.

Delta Lift

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Typical Funeral Home Solutions

Vertical Reciprocating

Safely and efficiently move materials

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Lift Controls &

Controls, gates, carriages and ramps
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