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Mezzanines and Lifts for Automotive

Wildeck space efficiency solutions ensure you can keep the inventory to rev up your profits. You can’t sell parts unless you can stock and find them. Strong performance from parts and service programs requires capacity and efficiency in space usage. Get organized with Wildeck work platforms and  material lifts and watch your sales soar along with your new found space.

Wildeck's Automotive Specialists work specifically with dealerships parts rooms to ensure the most ergonomic, efficient, durable, and reliable material handling equipment possible for your dealership while keeping everything to code.


Featured Product: DriverLift™

Allows auto dealerships, motorsports facilities, classic car storage facilities, private garages, showrooms, and convention facilities to safely and conveniently transfer vehicles between floor levels.

The affordable DriverLift™ is a rideable vehicle lift from Wildeck that has been designed for safe and efficient transfer of vehicles between levels. No more climbing stairs to catch up with your car on a material-only lift. The DriverLift allows authorized personnel to travel with their vehicle on the carriage, instead of relying on someone else to off-load the car.

Wildeck Automotive Specialist Services

Wildeck Specialists know what equipment works best and will help you to utilize every square inch of your facility most effectively. The Specialists are full-line dealers who can provide your parts room with ALL the material handling equipment that you may need. This includes shelving, modular cabinets, carts, pallet jacks, as well as Wildeck work platforms, VRCs, and guarding products.

Measure your facility
Plan the design and layout
Oversee installation and delivery
Apply seismic designs
Ensure code compliance
Help with future material handling needs

When it comes to maximizing floor space in your automotive operation, it's got to be Wildeck.

Not because we say it, but our customers do.


Michael Brown

CFO, Frank Leta Honda

From a logistics and workers' compensation standpoint, the VRC makes a lot of sense for us. The platform and VRC combination fit the mold perfectly. We were able to maximize the amount of shelf space and square footage. We weren't able to get that with any other solution.


Rusty Yost

Parts Room Manager, Autohaus BMW

Everything in our parts room is convenient with the mezzanine platform and VRC.


Bob Tighe

Parts Manager, Joe Machens Dealerships

We doubled our square footage with our Wildeck mezzanine platform, and were able to drastically expand our parts supply.


Gary Drewing

Owner, Joe Machens Dealership

It's the best thing we've ever done. We were totally out of space, and without the mezzanine platforms, it would have forced us to add on to our buildings.

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