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Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance Ladders, Stands, and Platforms

Our specially designed aircraft maintenance solutions include: stairs, ladders, stands and platforms. All solutions provide safe, stable and efficient access for all your aircraft manufacturing and maintenance personnel as they inspect, assemble, repair, and service a wide range of units in the aerospace industry. Wildeck offers both standard and custom designs, and will work with you to determine the ideal access solution for your operation.

With more than 60 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of custom ladders, stairway products and mobile access equipment, Wildeck's access products division, formerly Ladder Industries, is dedicated to meeting your specific application requirements.

Custom aircraft maintenance platform
Custom aircraft maintenance platform

Aircraft Maintenance Case Studies

Designed for the task at hand

We design in the features that make aircraft maintenance and assembly safe and easy for your mechanics. Wildeck custom platforms can get the aircraft mechanic to the desired working height while working around the skids, engines, and body of the aircraft. We then customize by adding shelves, tool trays, or other necessary enhancements to the platform, and configure the guard railing to avoid contact with the aircraft.

Robinson helicopter work stands
Robinson helicopter workstands

Typical Aircraft Maintenance Solutions

These two aircraft ladders were probably the best investment in safety equipment we have purchased – at least in the 7 years I have been here! We use them to work up on the head of the Robinson brand helicopter and they also work on Bell, Astar and MD platforms.

-Calvin Penfound
Corporate Helicopters

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