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737 Nose Gear Stand

Aviation Ladders for Enhanced Maintenance Efficiency and Safety

The 737 Nose Gear Stand and platform provides personnel with safer and more effective access to the aircraft than conventional ladders. The advantage with these aviation ladders is found within the unique design and construction.

The design of our aviation maintenance ladders allow personnel to get within arm’s reach of their projects without having to rest the ladder against the aircraft's surface.

Accessories can be included, which may eliminate unnecessary trips so that workers do not have to constantly go up and down the ladder.

For your maintenance application, the sky is the limit. Wildeck specialists will work with you to find the best fit for your specific aircraft model, as well as the project at hand.

  • Custom Platform
  • Provides Safe Access
  • Per-O-Grip Tread
  • Special Folding deck section allows for easy placement

These two aircraft ladders were probably the best investment in safety equipment we have purchased – at least in the 7 years I have been here! We use them to work up on the head of the Robinson brand helicopter and they also work on Bell, Astar and MD platforms.

- Calvin Penfound
Corporate Helicopters

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