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Machine Stands

  • 1-1/4″ dia. steel tube construction
  • Heavy duty 2-1/2″ dia. replaceable shoes
  • Diagonal rear leg supports allow the stands to straddle obstructions
  • Safety grating steps and platform
  • 30″ tall guardrails available
  • 28″ overall width
  • OSHA Safety green enamel finish
  • Optional paint colors
  • Optional hot dip galvanized finish
  • Custom Sizes Available

1 Step Series

StepsPart NumberPlatform SizePlatform HeightWeight
1HDMS-1-1212"W x 24"L9-1/2"16 lbs.
1HDMS-1-2424"W x 24"L9-1/2"28 lbs.
1HDMS-1-3624"W x 36"L9-1/2"41 lbs.
1HDMS-1-4824"W x 48"L9-1/2"61 lbs.

2 Step Series

StepsPart NumberPlatform SizePlatform HeightWeight
2HDMS-2-1212"W x 24"L19"33 lbs.
2HDMS-2-2424"W x 24"L19"45 lbs.
2HDMS-2-3624"W x 36"L19"57 lbs.
2HDMS-2-4824"W x 48"L19"68 lbs.

3 Step Series

StepsPart NumberPlatform SizePlatform HeightWeight
3HDMS-3-1212"W x 24"L28-1/2"50 lbs.
3HDMS-3-2424"W x 24"L28-1/2"62 lbs.
3HDMS-3-3624"W x 36"L28-1/2"73 lbs.
3HDMS-3-4824"W x 48"L28-1/2"85 lbs.

We couldn’t find a standard catalog ladder that would fit in the narrow space and let our operator reach the top of our printing press. We needed a custom ladder and the guys at Ladder Industries quickly designed exactly what we needed. When the ladder arrived, we were impressed with the perfect fit.

-Brett Moe
Nosco Maintenance & Facilities Manager

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