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Vertical Access Ladder

Standard Installation Considerations:
(As required per Federal Code 29CFR-1910.27, local codes may vary)

  • Cages may be required on all access ladders of more than 20 feet to a maximum unbroken length of 30 feet
  • Intermediate platforms or landings may be required at 30 foot intervals or fraction there of, when overall height exceeds 30 feet
  • When intermediate platforms are used adjacent ladder sections are to be offset.
  • When exiting to the side at the top of the access ladder, rungs will continue 4 feet above the platform.
  • When exiting to the front at the top of the access ladder, boarding rails shall extend 42″ above the top rungs.

Optional Features:

  • 10-Gauge Steel Security Door
  • Bottom Hoop Security Hatch
  • Foot pads in lieu of bottom stand-off brackets
  • Split or extended stand-off brackets
  • Dock treads
  • Integral platform – 30″ wide x 30″ deep
  • 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ angle side stringers
  • Step-off platform at top
  • Side exit to either side at top of cage ladder
  • Special paint colors
  • Hot dip galvanized finish


  • 3/8″ x 2-1/2″ flat bar side rails
  • 3/4″ diameter round rungs
  • 1-5/8″ diameter tube – 42″ tall boarding rail
  • Stand-off brackets on maximum 72″ centers
  • Heavy-duty flat bar cage
  • Standard 18″ wide rungs on 12″ centers
  • Standard gray paint finish

I was impressed by Wildeck's commitment to safety and their proactive approach to going above and beyond OSHA standards.

- Joe Clancy
President & CEO, American Plumbing & Heating

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