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Ships Ladder

Wildeck’s ships ladders are quality engineered to provide personnel with safe access to platforms, projects and other elevated levels. Designed for durability and convenience, Wildeck’s Ships Ladders are an when you need a shorter overall run to your access point.


  • 1½” diameter steel tube
  • All welded construction
  • 24” wide diamond plate step standard
  • Angles from 65° to 75° for enhanced space efficiency
  • 5" deep treads
  • 9.5” rise per step (qualifies as secondary means of egress)
  • Standard gray paint finish

 Optional Features

  • Safety grate treads
  • Optional upper mount to attach to horizontal surfaces
  • Special paint colors
  • Hot dip galvanized finish
Wildeck ships ladder
Model Steps Max. Top Step Height Est. Weight
SL-3328 1/2″68 lbs.
SL-4438″77 lbs.
SL-5547 1/2″87 lbs.
SL-6657″96 lbs.
SL-7766 1/2″106 lbs.
SL-8876″115 lbs.
SL-9985 1/2″125 lbs.
SL-101095″136 lbs.
SL-1111104″145 lbs.
SL-1212114″154 lbs.
SL-1313123 1/2″164 lbs.
SL-1414133″175 lbs.
SL-1515142 1/2″186 lbs.
SL-1616152″195 lbs.
SL-1717161 1/2″204 lbs.
SL-1818171″214 lbs.
SL-1919180 1/2″225 lbs.
SL-2020190″235 lbs.
SL-2121199 1/2″245 lbs.
SL-2222209″255 lbs.
SL-2323218 1/2″265 lbs.
SL-2424228″275 lbs.

I was impressed by Wildeck's commitment to safety and their proactive approach to going above and beyond OSHA standards.

- Joe Clancy
President & CEO, American Plumbing & Heating

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