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Conveyor Crossovers and Access Platforms

Conveyor Crossovers

Wildeck’s industrial conveyor crossovers (aka crossover ladders, crossover stairs) are the ideal solution for safely moving people up and over machinery, equipment, high traffic areas, busy work zones and other obstacles and hazards in the workplace. By providing a designated pathway over pedestrian traffic impediments, Wildeck’s crossovers and platforms allow personnel to more efficiently maneuver between tasks. Facilities that integrate Wildeck’s crossover products are able to achieve higher levels of worker productivity and safety.

Other Platforms

Platforms help gain access to various work areas, including manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, and production. Look to Wildeck for the custom platform solution that fits your application and need. Provide safe access for your employees to perform the task at hand. Wildeck platform structures are creatively designed to meet your needs and manufactured of highly durable steel.  Look to Wildeck for the appropriate and safe solution that helps you find your space.

We have used Ladder Industries, now recognized as part of Wildeck, to ensure the safety of our employees at Portola Packaging, Inc for over 4 years. We have been impressed with the quality of the ladders and the innovative designs. They are always willing to assist us in creating custom ladder designs with short lead times. Our great safety record and culture is partly due to these well-built rolling ladders on our floor.

-Chris McClanahan
Portola Packaging, Inc.

As a leading manufacturer of custom material handling solutions, Wildeck is uniquely qualified to design crossover stairs that meet your application’s specific requirements. Whether your crossover ladder application calls for a specific capacity, configuration, width or vertical clearance, Wildeck’s team of experienced engineers can design a solution that satisfies all constraints.

Wildeck’s conveyor crossover products are especially beneficial in industrial settings that utilize conveyors. Conveyors are an efficient way to transport goods and materials throughout a facility. Frequently, the amount of space around conveyor equipment is limited and personnel need access to both sides of the machinery to perform their tasks. With Wildeck’s conveyor crossovers, facilities can resolve their access needs without compromising the amount of available space.

Crossover Ladder Applications

  • Crossing over conveyors
  • Crossing over duct work
  • Crossing over electrical conduit
  • Crossing over machinery
  • Crossing over pipes
  • Crossing over vents
  • Accessing manufacturing tanks
  • Accessing elevated equipment
  • Providing an elevated vantage point

Crossover Ladder Benefits

  • Improved employee ergonomics
  • Reduced travel time
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Greater employee safety
  • Easier access to elevated tasks and areas

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