Yellow guard rail in a warehouse facility.

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"The mezzanine platforms made sense to us because we were already heating the space; we had room above to expand"

Gerry Couture, General Manager

Baker Distributing

"We knew we had to select and work closely with experienced suppliers who could deliver their equipment on time and it had to be right when installed."

Martin Drapacz, Western Operations Manager


"We were in need of a special seismic designed mezzanine, and we knew Wildeck would work with us to get the column spacing and moment connection the customer needed to meet the seismic requirements. We like the design and it feels customized to our space."

Dan Bingaman, System Sales

Kuecker Logistics Group

"The Wildeck work platform and VRC were the right solution for us a the right time and at a fair price. We saved time and money, all while getting to work with another Wisconsin manufacturer."

Thomas Carney, President

Royal Basket Trucks

"Wilgard Guard Rail discourages careless behavior around equipment and it looks very professional. I'm glad we installed it at the same time as our mezzanine platform."

Ron Harris, Vice President of Real Estate, Construction & Facilities

Young Living Essential Oils

"I was impressed by Wildeck's commitment to safety and their proactive approach to going above and beyond OSHA standards. The cost of installing the access gates armed with EdgeAlert™ is low, especially when you consider your workers' safety. Plus, it lowers workman's compensation claims."

Joe Clancy, President & Founder

American Plumbing & Heating