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Project Engineer




The Project Engineer provides project management and engineering services for structural steel work platforms/structures and technical support to sales department, manufacturing and customers.



Waukesha, WI


Job Duties/Responsibilities (The “What”):

  1. Design and check work platforms/structures for proper design and code (building) compliance to ensure a safe structure.
  2. Provide sketches and details as part of design process.
  3. Check AutoCAD approval drawings for proper design of work platforms/structures and conformance to customers’ requests.
  4. Modify or create AutoCAD drawings as necessary to design process.
  5. Review returned approval drawings from customer for any requested changes that affect design, structural integrity and cost.
  6. Provide detailed project information to project files.
  7. Discuss and coordinate projects with sales, other departments and customers.
  8. Complete drawing reviews and utilize checklists.
  9. Travel to job sites to verify existing site dimensions to ensure that work platforms/structures will fit into building properly.
  10. Timely inspect ready to ship materials, as assigned and complete inspection sheets.
  11. Coordinate purchases of special (non-standard) materials with purchasing and detailing.
  12. Coordinate shipping and installation of work platforms/structures with appropriate departments.
  13. Travel to jobsites to conduct installation inspections of work platforms/structures to drawings and provides report of installation for Professional Engineer’s seal.
  14. Assist quoting department with price quotes, when necessary.
  15. Participate in physical plant inventory.
  16. Answer questions and assist sales department with customer questions.
  17. Produce sets of calculations to obtain Professional Engineer’s seal.
  18. Other duties as assigned.


Leadership (The “How”):

  • Lives and conducts business by a values-based “walking the talk”.   Leads and maintains a high level of consistency between what is said, and what is done.  Is committed to the “What” that needs to be done, and also the “How” — the manner in which it is accomplished.
  • Is committed to employee engagement and fostering two-way dialogue and active communication with employee owners on all shifts.  Is committed to a visible presence with all teams.
  • Holds people in high regard.  Gains buy-in from team members, is transparent, credible, and trustworthy.  Has the courage to tell the truth, and is able to resolve conflict. Encourages skill development and learning.
  • Grasps the power of Employee Ownership, and can relate positively with Employee-Owners.  Is able to coach, encourage, support, teach, counsel, correct, and hold accountable.
  • Committed to Lean and process improvement. Has a bias for action, is committed to Lean practice and discipline, works effectively with teams, is comfortable with data and utilizing it to influence business decisions.
  • Ability to lead and influence.  Leads by example and models exemplary behavior, including emotional balance and maturity.  Ego is appropriately in check.
  • Supports the Cultural Behaviors and understands their role in both the external competitive and internal employee-ownership arenas.
  • Believes that most people want to do a good job, want to be part of a successful company, and desire to make a contribution to that success in a meaningful way.  These influence how the Leader interfaces with others and approaches business challenges.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering or related field, with an emphasis in Steel, preferred 4 years related experience.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have valid Driver’s License
  • P.E. Certification is preferred.
  • Physical Requirements include: Twisting, turning, grasping, reaching, kneeling, crawling, pulling, extended periods of standing, ability to lift 25 pounds.


Apply today by sending your resume to hr@wildeck.com


Wildeck, Inc.
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Waukesha, WI 53187
Fax: (262) 549-1937
E-mail: hr@wildeck.com
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