Ladder SafetyIn the October 2019 edition of Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine (a leading source for the aviation industry), Wildeck authored an article entitled “Stepping Up Ladder Safety: Rules and Best Practices for Rolling Ladders and Work Platforms.” The article examined what aviation facilities need to “know” and “do” to ensure employee safety when using rolling ladders and work platforms.


In the article, we reviewed the implications of the 2017 changes to OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems rule (29 CFR part 1910, subpart D). As a result of the modifications to this regulation, new definitions emerged for mobile ladders stands (aka rolling ladders) and mobile ladder stand platforms (aka work platforms). The new definitions are:


  • Mobile Ladder Stands – A mobile, fixed-height, self-supporting ladder that usually consists of wheels or casters on a rigid base with steps leading to a top step. A mobile ladder stand also may have handrails and is designed for use by one employee at a time.
  • Mobile Ladder Stand Platforms – A mobile, fixed-height, self-supporting unit having one or more standing platforms that are provided with means of access or egress.


Given the critical role that both pieces of equipment play in the maintenance and repair of aircraft, aerospace facilities have an obligation to educate themselves about the regulation’s exacting specifications. For a comprehensive listing of the new rule’s requirements, click here.


While providing employees with OSHA compliant equipment is a critical step towards enhanced safety, employees also need educational programs. These programs should aim to teach employees best practices for safely using the facility’s access equipment. For instances, when carrying multiple items up a ladder, it is best to use a buddy system. By having a person stationary on the ground that hands items to a person on the ladder, unnecessary trips up and down the ladder are eliminated. Additionally, the likelihood of a safety incident is decreased.


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