Wildeck Launches New Powder Coat Paint System

Wildeck’s two-part polyurethane paint line has been replaced with a new, state-of-the-art, powder coat paint system, offering new paint texture and stock RAL color options to customers.

Beginning in 2023 all mezzanine and guarding products shipping out of Wildeck’s Wisconsin-based locations are now painted with its new powder coat paint finish. This powder coat system will allow for a more robust finish on the product, while maximizing the flexibility, speed, and sustainability of the painting process.

Wildeck’s previous liquid paint system was experiencing excessive maintenance issues and operating at maximum production capacity, limiting the company’s growth trajectory. The new powder paint system is increasing productivity, as color changes are up to 75% faster. Powder paint also contains zero VOC emissions and the paint waste is landfill safe.

Wildeck’s new powder coat paint system also includes the addition of a matte paint finish. This high-performance matte finish has been proven to provide greater resistance to nicks or scratches incurred on job sites. Wildeck’s standard paint texture on their products is a matte finish, but a semi-gloss texture is still available as an option to customers.