Wildeck’s VP of Sales Discusses Mezzanine Benefits in Full-Length Article


A full-length article authored by Wildeck’s Vice President of Sales, Paul Mihelich, was featured in the May 2019 edition of Workplace Material Handling & Safety (the only magazine covering material handling, safety and chemical storage in manufacturing and construction). The article, entitled Finding Your Space, examined the unintended benefits that companies obtain from installing an industrial mezzanine inside their existing facilities.


In the article, Mihelich posits that more and more warehouses and distributions centers are struggling to find the space to efficiently pick, pack and fulfill orders. As a result, these companies are looking to costly renovations or facility relocations to obtain the desperately needed square footage. With ceiling heights in excess of 30-feet tall in their current buildings, many companies are failing to capitalize upon a readily available resource: the unused vertical space above their facility’s ground floor.


An industrial mezzanine is an elevated floor system that can be installed between the floor and the ceiling in a warehouse or distribution center. These heavy-duty structures are typically constructed with steel and are capable of safely supporting a tremendous load. Facilities that opt to install an industrial mezzanine in lieu of a relocation or renovation frequently find that they have obtained the following benefits:


  1. Extended Facility Life – Besides eliminating the need for a new building or construction project, industrial mezzanines allow companies to stay in their current communities and retain the employees that have helped make their business a success.
  2. Unique Applications – In addition to offering additional product storage or manufacturing space, mezzanines can be creatively designed to fulfill a host of other needs for a growing company (including functional office space).
  3. Increased Efficiency – Industrial mezzanines provide a way for companies to set-up a safe and centralized storage location, reducing the amount of time spent looking for misplaced equipment or tools.


Wildeck mezzanines are manufactured in the USA and incorporate the highest standards of design for material handling and facility safety. Our team of solution experts have the knowledge and industry experience to ensure that your project runs smoothly, from concept to completion. A Wildeck mezzanine tailored to your company’s specific requirements is sure to provide you with a level of strength and durability that you will not find any where else.





If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which a Wildeck’s mezzanine can help your company achieve its material handling goals, contact us at info@wildeck.com or (800) 325-6939. Our team of solution experts are ready to help!