Workplace Material Handling & Safety (a monthly publication dedicated to providing buyers and sellers with current information about equipment, supplies and buying opportunities) published an article in the April 2019 edition of their magazine entitled Protective Guarding to Keep Personnel and Assets Safe. In the article, the author provided an in-depth look at the crucial role protective guarding plays in protecting a facility’s assets while maintaining operational efficiency.


Cory Thomas, Wildeck’s guarding products manager, offered his insights into the role protective guarding can play when protecting a company’s most valuable asset, its employees. Specifically, Thomas stated that implementing defined traffic lanes for fork lifts and pedestrians was one of the easiest ways for companies to achieve enhanced safety on their facility floor. Separated by a physical barrier, like guardrail, pedestrians and fork lifts are free to move about without fear of a collision. In addition to seeing a reduction in accidents, companies that have implemented this best practice have seen an increase in their facility’s operational efficiency.


Thomas also touched upon the ways that automated equipment can enhance a facility’s safety program. For instance, Wildeck’s EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm utilizes an alarm and flashing lights to signal when a gate door has been left open. This multi-sensory device is designed to capture the attention of the gate user and those in the nearby vicinity. With more people alerted to a potential fall hazard, the likelihood of a speedy resolution is increased. Products of this caliber also help ensure greater compliance with OSHA’s fall protection standards.


Companies looking to enhance their facility’s overall safety may initially feel overloaded with information. Reading and understanding the applicable codes for a facility is not an easy undertaking. Each material handling solutions provider’s products differ, creating a list of pros and cons to be digested. With the threat of non-compliance hanging overhead, it is easy to become overwhelmed.



At Wildeck, our team of material handling experts can help simplify the safety process. Our staff is current on applicable regulations and best practices, providing our customers with a hassle-free buying experience. Let us be your partner in facility safety!


If you are interested in learning more about Wildeck’s line of trusted guarding products, contact us at or (800) 325-6939. Our team of solution experts are here to help your facility achieve their safety goals.