Loading Dock ArticleIn the November 2019 edition of Material Handling Network, a magazine dedicated to delivering comprehensive coverage of the material handling industry, Wildeck authored an article entitled Optimizing Loading Dock Safety. The article, authored by Dave Milner, Wildeck’s Director of Sales and Marketing, examined the types of equipment that can effectively transform a warehouse’s loading dock from an area of danger and concern to an area of safety and productivity.


In the article, Milner posited that there are three pieces of loading dock equipment that help reduce the likelihood of loading dock injury and accident. These pieces of equipment are: guardrail, dock gates and overhead door track protectors.


Guardrail – Since most loading docks measure between 48” to 52” tall, these critical operational areas are subject to OSHA’s revised Walking Working Surfaces rule for general industry and are required to have a fall protection barrier installed along the elevated ledge. When strategically placed throughout the loading dock area, guardrail serves as both a physical and visual reminder of behavioral expectations, helping personnel keep safety top-of-mind.


Dock Gates – While many facilities require that loading dock doors be kept closed when not in use for loading/unloading activities, the reality is that open dock doors are often used to achieve a comfortable level of ventilation for personnel. Loading dock gates provide a durable, physical barrier that allows facilities to obtain the benefits of open dock doors without compromising safety. Within the safety equipment marketplace, there are a variety of dock gates (i.e. straight-rail and folding-rail gates) that are specifically designed to be easily maneuvered, ensuring that the flow of supplies and merchandise is not stymied.


Overhead Door Track Protectors – Functioning overhead doors are vital to a loading dock’s operations. Typically constructed with heavy-duty steel, overhead door track protectors function as both a visual and physical barrier to those operating in the loading dock area. Bolted into the floor directly in front of the overhead door track, the guards add a layer of protection that does not interfere with the facility’s operations.


At Wildeck, we believe that the best solution is often the simplest solution. That is why all of our steel barriers and protective gates are designed to seamlessly integrate with a company’s existing facility layout and equipment. Our team of highly trained specialists can help you identify the potential safety hazards within your facility and will work with you to design a solution that does not compromise efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about Wildeck’s comprehensive suite of guarding products, please contact us at info@wildeck.com or (800) 325-6939.