Food DriveOn Thursday, October 31st, Wildeck wrapped up its annual food drive for The Food Pantry of Waukesha County. Just as in years past, Wildeck focused its donation efforts on a specific category of food items. While last year’s efforts concentrated on collecting “holiday” foods (like gravy, stuffing and potato buds), this year’s efforts centered around collecting baking supplies (like flour, sugar and mixes).


To help drive donations, all employees were randomly assigned to one of four teams. Each team was assigned a collection barrel and challenged to make their barrel as heavy as possible. As a reward for their collective efforts, the team with the highest poundage was promised a group pizza party. Each team was left to devise their own plan of attack for generating the most weight. For example, one team encouraged their team members to pick up baking items during their grocery shopping trips, while another team accepted cash donations and elected a designated shopper to purchase supplies with the contributed funds.


On the morning on Friday, November 1st, each team’s contributions were weighed, and the winning team was announced. Team #3, largely spearheaded by Jessica Toth and Wendy Yates, came in first place with an impressive 785-pounds of donated goods. Collectively, the generous contributions of Wildeck’s employee-owners generated 1,321-pounds of donations for the local food bank.


Following the weigh-in, The Food Pantry of Waukesha County came to collect the donated items. They expressed their gratitude for Wildeck’s continued support and stated that they are excited to distribute the supplies to their patrons this holiday season.


While the winning team is looking forward to savoring their reward, other employee-owners have begun devising strategies for next year’s competition.