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Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors

Wilgard End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors
Wilgard Guard Rail

Three Levels of Protection
The Choice is Yours

Wildeck’s family of Wilgard® Rack Protectors are an innovative and effective solution for increasing warehouse and distribution center safety, and preventing damage to expensive rack and inventory. They are available as individual 'Right-' or 'Left-Side' rack protectors, or as a combined 'Double-Headed' rack protector.

To meet your specific facility safety and budget requirements, Wildeck now offers three levels of End-of-Aisle Rack Protection.

Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors are “Made-in-the-USA” and have a durable, safety yellow paint finish that can take the punishment that carts, pallet jacks, and forklift trucks dish out every day. When properly secured to your concrete floor with the included anchors, Wilgard® rack protectors will help guard your investment without affecting aisle traffic flow patterns.

As you work to meet your customers’ requirements every day, Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors will help protect your busy operation from costly facility repairs and downtime. It’s a level of protection you won’t find anywhere else.

Wilgard XT End of Aisle Rack Protector

Wilgard® XT
Heavy-Duty Rack Protection

Wilgard MT End of Aisle Rack Protector

Wilgard® MT
Medium-Duty Rack Protection  

Wilgard LT End of Aisle Rack Protector

Wilgard® LT
Light-Duty Rack Protection

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