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Wildeck Safety Gates

Wildeck Safety Gates

The most common application for Wildeck® safety gates is fall protection on elevated structures, such as mezzanines, work platforms, loading docks, and balconies. Safety gates provide a strong, durable barrier to keep your personnel and equipment protected from exposed/open ledges.

Wildeck guarding products are tested, trusted, and tough. Proven in thousands of applications and facilities: they contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment. All Wildeck guarding products are constructed of high-strength steel; designed and manufactured for maximum safety.


Overhead Safety Gate

Wildeck Overhead Safety GateSafe and efficient movement of palletized material to and from your mezzanine or work platform is a requirement and the Wildeck Overhead Safety Gate delivers every time. learn more >

Double-Drop Safety Gate

Wildeck Double Drop Safety GateThe Wildeck Double-Drop Safety Gate is designed and manufactured for maximum safety during pallet handling operations. Mezzanine level personnel can access one pallet bay while a forklift operator at the level below is accessing the other. learn more >

Pivot Safety Gate

Wildeck Pivot Safety GateUnique, cut-to-fit design adapts to your application requirements. Designed for maximum installation flexibility, Wildeck’s innovative Pivot Safety Gate will protect open areas on mezzanines, elevated platforms, balconies, and rack systems during loading and unloading of your material. learn more >

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