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Automated Conveyor System Integration

Conveyor IntegrationCompanies today are all looking for ways to do more, faster, with less. Some call it "Lean Manufacturing" or the "Lean Initiative;" some call it Six Sigma, TPS, or Kaizen. Whatever initiatives are under way, Wildeck VRCs, integrated with conveyor systems, help those companies meet their goals of getting more out of less, safer, faster, and more efficiently.

Wildeck Automated VRC/Conveyor Systems:

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VRC Conveyor Integration Applications:

VRC Conveyor IntegrationWildeck VRCs are cost effective, reliable, safe, and efficient. Our experienced team can provide you with the VRC System that will integrate with your specific application requirements. Whether you are moving extra large loads, paper rolls, pallet loads, totes or boxes, we have the VRC you need.

XpressLift™ VRC
Wildeck’s innovative XpressLift™ VRC is designed to efficiently integrate vertical lifting into automated conveyor systems. When combined with your conveyor system, the XpressLift™ can help you achieve increased process efficiency through the automated vertical transfer of materials between your various conveyor levels.

VRC Controls:

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