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Self-Storage Facilities

Self-Storage Facilities
New Construction, Retrofits, & Conversions - Wildeck's Full-Line Dealers Can Design & Provide Turnkey Installation & Service Nationwide for your self-storage facility.

Wildeck space efficiency solutions ensure profits soar right along with the popularity of your rental units. Your self-storage facility won’t pay dividends if no one wants to rent there. Make sure it’s in demand by keeping customers happy with amenities like Wildeck’s ArmorCar™ Carriage with EZ Pro™ Operator Station. Material lifts make moving in and out easy. Satisfied customers mean no vacancies when it comes to self storage.

Self-Storage Applications:

Self-Storage Specialist Services:

Wildeck's highly experienced professionals are uniquely qualified to assist you with your Self-Storage project. Each Wildeck® Specialist is able to work with you or your architect to determine the best material handling solutions for your multi-story facility as well as provide complete installation and service support for your Wildeck® products.

Wildeck makes self-storage easier for:

Wildeck provides turnkey material handling solutions for self-storage customers by meeting their specific needs with designs that are customized to your application requirements. We don't just bid on job using any material; we design in the strength, durability, and quality that your jobs require. Wildeck has the products, people, and experience to deliver the right solution for your storing, lifting, and guarding needs.

Self-Storage Customers:

Wildeck's freight lifts are utilized in Multi-Level Self-Storage Facilities all over the U.S. A few of our customers are listed below:

Wildeck Products:

Lifting - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRCs)
Freight lifts provide many benefits and savings over elevators. For one, freight lifts can be purchased and installed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional passenger elevator.

ArmorCar CarriageArmorCar™ Carriage

EZ Pro™ Operator Station

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