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School and Gym Storage Solutions

Teaching can be challenging enough without having to work amid misplaced materials and improper storage. Eliminate overcrowding by surrounding your students and teachers with materials management solutions that are just as brilliant as they are.

Facility and operations personnel know that storage capacity and space efficiency are the building blocks of a productive scholastic infrastructure. With Wildeck® work platforms, material lifts (VRCs), and safety guarding products, they are quickly moving to the head of their class.

School and University Applications:

Educational facilities, schools, and universities face challenges of secure environments, concern for health and safety, and lack of space. Properly designed facility layouts and reliable material handling systems can increase your available space and allow more room for teaching.

Wildeck Specialist Services:

Wildeck Specialists know what equipment works best and will help you to utilize every square inch of your facility most effectively.

Schools and University Customers:


Wildeck Products:

Industrial Work Platform - MezzanineStoring - Work Platform
Wildeck work platforms can increase the available space in your facility for material movement and storage, additional classrooms, and offices. They are designed to specifically suit your needs, free up valuable floor space, and easily integrate into your existing facility.

VRCLifting - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRCs)
Wildeck Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) are the ideal solution for moving educational equipment and supplies efficiently and safely to work platforms or upper building levels.

Safety is very critical aspect when you incorporate into your school equipment that contains moving parts. Wildeck VRCs have many options for increased safety while enhancing the overall efficiency of your storage areas. Access to the VRC landings shall be restricted to areas for authorized personnel with no public access.

Lift anything from books, teaching supplies, paperwork and archives, tables, desks, chairs, band equipment, athletic gear, podiums, audio visual equipment, theater props, lighting, and carts. 

Trackguard ProtectorsSafety Guarding Products: Trackgard
Overhead doors are vital to your shipping area, and it is important to keep them in operation. Door tracks are often susceptible to damage by fork trucks or other moving equipment. This can be easily avoided with a tough steel barrier that shields door tracks from damage, preventing costly repairs and down time. Ideal in any facility with fork truck or heavy cart traffic near loading areas.


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