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Pharmaceutical Warehousing Inventory Storage

Pharmaceutical & Medical Supply
Wildeck pharmaceutical and medical supply facility solutions will ensure that the right inventory is there when it’s needed. You can’t meet customer needs if your distribution center or manufacturing operations aren’t performing at their peak. More pharmaceutical suppliers are discovering how Wildeck material handling solutions can make their operations more efficient and responsive.

With Wildeck® work platforms, material lifts (VRCs), and safety guarding products, you’ll store, move, and protect your products within the fast paced facility you manage. Let your Wildeck representative help you safely move more inventory today.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Supply Applications:

Pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and distribution facilities face the unique challenges of high-value products, secure environments, and concern for health and safety. Properly designed facility layouts and reliable material handling systems can increase your profits and propel your operation ahead of the competition.

Wildeck Specialist Services:

Wildeck provides material handling solutions with designs tailored to customer application requirements. We don't just bid on jobs: we design in strength, durability, and quality that your project requires. All Wildeck products are made in the USA.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Supply Customers:


Wildeck Products:

MezzanineStoring - Work Platform

VRCLifting - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRCs)
VRCs safely move your pharmaceutical supplies and finished products to upper level storage, manufacturing, or distribution areas. VRCs have small footprints and can be easily installed to serve the 2nd or 3rd levels of your operation. While a VRC function like an elevator or a dumb waiter, VRCs are for the safe transport of materials only.

Wildeck VRCs are manufactured in the USA and meet ANSI / ASME B20.1 safety standards for conveyors and applicable MHIA guidelines.

GuardrailGuarding - Safety Products
Wildeck Guarding Products can protect your facility investment and personnel. Under test conditions, or tested, trusted, and TOUGH Wilgard Guard Rail System absorbed a 13,000 lb load impact at 4 mph without failure. That's not only piece of mind - that's Wilgard.

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