Mezzanine Modular Railing Systems

To increase safety and achieve the operational efficiency you desire from your system. Wildeck designs and manufactures a wide range of products and accessories that can be easily integrated with your work platform. Wildeck work platforms, mezzanine guards, mezzanine stairways and landings are designed to meet ANSI MH28.3: 2009 - Specification for the Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Industrial Steel Work Platforms.

Wildeck’s patented modular rail system (U.S. Patent No. 6290213) is code-compliant and conforms to both OSHA and IBC safety guidelines. Designed to be easily installed, Wildeck mezzanine guard rail systems are among the safest and most aesthetically pleasing systems available.


  • 2-rail through 5-rail systems
  • Handrail lengths and custom designs to meet your needs
  • 2-rail OSHA/IBC systems
  • 14-gauge kick-plate stops material from falling
  • Expanded metal, Plexiglas®, and vertical picket barriers available
  • OSHA Safety Yellow (Horizontal Rails and Kick-plate only)
  • Custom paint colors available
  • All necessary hardware is included

By incorporating a Wildeck© mezzanine, the overhead space can be fully utilized and the facility gains valuable working, storage and repair space at a lower cost than new construction.

- David Go
Electronic Technician Foreman, Milwaukee Police Dept. Radio Shop

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