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Vertical Mechanical Lifts

Mechanical VRC Material LiftWildeck’s variety of mechanical lifts are well suited for multi-level applications that demand faster speeds and high cycle rates. Wildeck’s reliable chain drive lifting system has been designed for the tough duty these applications require and provides long and trouble-free service life. Take a close look at the standard features we include; you’ll quickly realize a Wildeck mechanical VRC gives you more.

With our electrical design capabilities, Wildeck can provide you with a complete customized material lift system that is either manually controlled, controlled by your conveyor controls or is fully automated controlling both the material lift and portions of your conveyor system.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor's are safer than using a forklift truck or manpower to move materials between levels and are less costly to operate and maintain than elevators.

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Mechanical Lift Benefits:

Mechanical VRC Material Lift Options:

Automated Mechanical VRC Material Lifts

Wildeck’s automated Mechanical VRCs are best suited for in-process applications requiring faster speeds and high cycle rates. When integrated with conveyors, they can help you achieve maximum process efficiency through the automated transfer of materials between levels.
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