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Manufacturing Material Handling

Mezzanine floor for Manufacturing Facility
Wildeck understands the importance of maximizing the capacity and efficiency of your manufacturing facility to help increase your return on investment.  With the increase of global manufacturing competition becoming more and more prevalent this is becoming even more important in order to be competitive.
Material handing is a key component of today’s manufacturing facilities and Wildeck has the engineering and manufacturing experience to deliver industry leading products to help you maximize your manufacturing efficiencies.
Our goal and commitment is to design and manufacture a material handling product solution for our customers' manufacturing facility that will increase efficiency.

Manufacturing Facility Applications:

Wildeck Work Platforms, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors, and Safety Guarding Products improve your manufacturing facility in the following areas.

Wildeck Specialist Services:

Wildeck Specialists know what equipment works best and will help you to utilize every square inch of your facility most effectively.

Manufacturing Facility Customers:

Wildeck Products:

Mezzanine workm platform for manufacturing facilityStoring - Work Platforms
No land to expand out or land costs too high - build up not out with a Wildeck work platform. When you already have, or now the plans call for, a limited amount of horizontal space, optimize your vertical space with a Wildeck work platform. Wildeck work platforms provide many options to effectively utilize the space you do have.

Vertical Reciprocating ConveyorLifting - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRCs)
Utilize a Wildeck VRC to move your supplies and finished products to upstairs storage or manufacturing areas. Lift anything from pallets, wheeled carts, bulk supplies, finished product, and many other items.

When properly installed, Wildeck VRC's will never cause any damage to your building or other fixed equipment.

GuardrailGuarding - Safety Products
Wildeck Guarding Products are tested, trusted, and TOUGH to protect people and equipment. All products are constructed of high-strength steel; designed and fabricated to withstand severe impacts from lift trucks or other equipment.

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