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FlexLoader™ Material Conveyor System

FlexLoader™ Automated / Integrated VRC SystemView Press Release

Wildeck’s innovative FlexLoader™ material conveyor system incorporates and integrates a Wildeck VRC with Wildeck Safety Gates, and an automated, flush-mounted conveyor system at each level to:

FlexLoader™ Operation & Controls:

Typical sequence of operation:

  1. Overhead Safety Gate is raised by the operator, which guards the open shaft-way yet allows material to be loaded onto the specialized roller conveyor.
  2. Materials are then inducted / loaded onto the flush-mounted conveyor section with a pallet jack or fork truck
  3. Safety gate is manually closed (preventing personnel from entering the lift platform area)
  4. Load is automatically delivered to the designated level by the Wildeck VRC
  5. Safety gate is manually opened at the receiving level to off-load the pallet
  6. Sequence is repeated at any level, in either "C-Load", "Z-Load", or "H-Loading" patterns

Standard control package includes:

AutoSenz D Series

FlexLoader™ Safety Gates:

The FlexLoader™ system incorporates Wildeck® Safety Gates at the in-feed & discharge points to:

FlexLoader Safety Gates

FlexLoader™ Integrated Conveyor:

FlexLoader™ Integrated Conveyor

FlexLoader™ System Features:

Signaling system (lights and/or alarms) is available to warn that:

Separate “in-bound” and “out-bound” lanes can be set up at each elevation to provide:

 All components of the system (VRC, Safety Gates, & Perimeter Guarding):

Paint Finish:

The VRC carriage and conveyor framing are painted standard Wildeck Gray (ANSI 49 Gray) and the Overhead Safety Gates are painted Safety Yellow. A computer-controlled 7-step process electrostatically applies a tough 2-part polyurethane coating with superior results similar to an automotive clear-coat finish. Wildeck’s new eco-friendly 100% phosphate-free metal pre-treatment process maintains the company’s uniform high quality finish while improving paint line productivity, reducing emissions and waste, and lowering energy consumption. Purchased components are painted as per the vendors’ standard product.

Drawings and Manuals:

Standard approval drawings are provided after receipt of purchase order and prior to manufacture. Installation drawings as well as an Installation, Owners & Maintenance Manual will be provided.


A complete FlexLoader™ VRC System is typically shipped on a flatbed via LTL - Common Carrier. Other shipping options are available. A loading dock with overhead crane service is preferred.


Contact Wildeck or your local Wildeck representative for certified installation service.


Contact Wildeck or your local Wildeck representative for a proposal on a FlexLoader™ VRC system that meets your specific requirements. 

The FlexLoader™ VRC system from Wildeck . . . it’s a level of quality and craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else.

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