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Work Platform and Mezzanine Design

Design & DevelopmentWildeck Work Platforms (Mezzanines), Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors and Guard Rail Products incorporate the highest standards of structural, mechanical, and electrical design using the service of engineering professionals with unparalleled skills in product design. Wildeck personnel from sales, sales service, purchasing, tax, and traffic to our staff of graduate engineers and a nationwide system of independent consulting engineers, all work together to create quality solutions to material handling and space enhancement problems.

The skills of highly qualified and creative engineering professionals who provide the technical support to get the project done right dominate our final product.

Wildeck is the only manufacturer of both mezzanines and vertical reciprocating conveyors in the industry. This allows 'one stop shopping' when solving a material handling or space enhancement problem.

Wildeck has been in the mezzanine business for over 35 years. Our engineers are experienced in dealing with site-specific applications considering the problem to be solved and the floor space available to solve that problem. You can rely on Wildeck to tap its vast engineering resources to produce the products necessary to provide the best solution to your material handling or space enhancement problems.

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