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AutoSenz® M Conveyor Monitoring SystemDownload PDF Product Brochure

AutoSenz® M-Series Conveyor Monitoring System

Wildeck’s AutoSenz® M-Series is available for both mechanical and hydraulically-operated VRCs*. The AutoSenz M-Series – is now an integral part of the VRC’s control system providing standard auto-ranging overload/VRC jam protection that will minimize damage to material and equipment should items become jammed during the lifting operation. 

Existing mechanical and hydraulic VRCs can also be upgraded with an AutoSenz M-Series Retrofit Module adding a new level of safety and security on installed units, and peace-of-mind for VRC operators and facility managers. The AutoSenz M-Series Retrofit Module is available pre-wired making it easy to install by a qualified VRC technician on an existing mechanical or hydraulic lift.

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*Note: Not available on the value-priced V-Lift.

AutoSenz M-Series Features:

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