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Estimating Design Engineer I


Under the direction of the General Manager, the Estimating Design Engineer will design products that meet the safety requirements of OSHA, Cal-OSHA, IBC and CBC codes. The Estimating Design Engineer will complete quotes and process purchase orders on a daily basis. The position will follow projects from the quoting stage through shipping and customer satisfaction. There will be responsibility for design projects, drawing, and quoting them per the customer’s specifications. It will be the responsibility of the Estimating Design Engineer to develop ongoing relationships with the customer, as the Engineer is the main contact for each customer. Other duties and responsibilities will be required per the General Manager.


Job Location: 

  • Wildeck West (Goodyear, AZ)


Job Duties/Responsibilities (The “What”):

  1. Manage projects using engineering principles and techniques.
  2. Perform calculations with static and dynamic loads on products to check for failure.
  3. Design and implement cost-effective methods of manufacture and design new production processes.
  4. Develop, test and evaluate theoretical designs.
  5. Discuss and solve complex problems with manufacturing, suppliers, customer and colleagues.
  6. Interpret customer requests for standard and custom products and provide them with a CAD drawing and a quote.
  7. Process purchase orders from customers.
  8. Produce shop drawings for each job and research and order specialty items.
  9. Assist customers on site if needed.
  10. Assist customers’ installers with assembly instructions and support.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


Leadership (The “How”):

•  Lives and conducts business by a values-based “walking the talk”. Leads and maintains a high level of consistency between what is said, and what is done. Is committed to the “What” that needs to be done, and also the “How” — the manner in which it is accomplished.
•  Is committed to employee engagement and fostering two-way dialogue and active communication with employee owners on all shifts. Is committed to a visible presence with all teams.
•  Grasps the power of Employee Ownership, and can relate positively with Employee-Owners. Is able to coach, encourage, support, teach, counsel, correct, and hold accountable.
•  Ability to lead and influence. Leads by example and models exemplary behavior, including emotional balance and maturity. Ego is appropriately in check.
•  Supports the Guiding Behaviors (Accountability, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Engagement, Ethics, Shareholder Value, and Continuous Improvement) and understands their role in both the external competitive and internal employee-ownership arenas.
•  Holds people in high regard. Gains buy-in from team members, is transparent, credible, and trustworthy. Has the courage to tell the truth, and is able to resolve conflict. Encourages skill development and learning.
•  Believes that most people want to do a good job, want to be part of a successful company, and desire to make a contribution to that success in a meaningful way. These influence how the Leader interfaces with others and approaches business challenges.
•  Committed to Lean and process improvement. Has a bias for action, is committed to Lean practice and discipline, works effectively with teams, is comfortable with data and utilizing it to influence business decisions.



• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field, with an emphasis in Steel, preferred and 0-3 years related experience.
• Proficiency with AutoCAD and Microsoft software.
• Ability to read and interpret prints and drawings.
• Experience with using tape measure and calipers.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Physical Requirements include: Twisting, turning, grasping, reaching, kneeling, crawling, pulling, extended periods of standing, ability to lift 50 pounds.


Wildeck, Inc. — headquartered in Waukesha, WI — is the largest manufacturer of mezzanines, vertical material lifts (VRCs), industrial ladders, custom platforms, conveyor crossovers, and safety guarding products in North America. Key markets include: industrial and retail distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, automotive parts rooms, self-storage facilities, aerospace manufacturing, and other operations. Wildeck designs and supplies equipment and systems that provide safe and efficient storing, lifting, access, and guarding of materials.

We are proud to be part of Holden Industries, Inc., a 100% employee-owned company.  Our ownership culture creates the foundation for excellence in serving our customers.

Building on our 40-year history, our focus on high quality, innovation, superior customer service, and lean enterprise/continuous improvement offers employees significant opportunities to learn and advance their careers.  Wildeck’s ongoing re-investment in both people and technology has enabled consistent revenue growth and profit stability.  This Ownership culture, combined with a highly skilled team, positions us well to meet the challenges our customers face in the markets we serve.


Wildeck, Inc.
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Equal Opportunity Employer